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Mindful Breathing Templates

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PDF | 4 pages | Years: F - 4

Help your students to calm themselves down when they are feeling upset or anxious with these 8 mindful breathing templates.

Childhood Anxiety: An Unwelcome Visitor

Being a kid can be tough sometimes! 

When the world seems a little daunting, and life seems a little stressful, anxious thoughts can develop. These thoughts have subsequent effects on our physical wellbeing. Some of the ways our bodies tell us we are feeling anxious include:

  • increased breathing and heart rate
  • headache or stomach ache
  • feeling sweaty
  • muscle tension.

The good news is that there are strategies our students can use to manage anxious feelings when the arise. One such technique is deep breathing, also known as mindful breathing.

Manage Childhood Anxiety and ‘Big’ Feelings Using Mindful Breathing Techniques

Mindful breathing is an amazing technique to help children manage their anxiety. 

Mindful breathing is different from regular breathing. It requires the child to think about each step of the breathing process – the breath in and the breath out – as it is happens. It also involves slowing the process down by extendeding the time taken to inhale and exhale. Deep breathing helps slow the heart rate, calm the body and relax the muscles. This, in turn, decreases the physical effects of anxiety.

These mindful breathing templates have been designed to help support students as they learn these focused breathing techniques. Students use their pointer finger to trace over the template as they breath in and out in a mindful way. This resource contains 8 different mindful breathing templates:

  • square breathing
  • star breathing
  • triangle breathing
  • diamond breathing 
  • rainbow breathing
  • infinity breathing
  • alien breathing
  • atom breathing.

Download and Print These Mindful Breathing Exercises for Kids 

This resource prints as a full colour PDF. Use the print options functionality on your printer to customise the resource to best suit your needs.

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