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Christmas Mini-Mystery - Whose Present Is the One with Plain Brown Paper?

Teach Starter Publishing
PDF | 2 pages | Years: 3 - 6

A fun, logic-based Christmas-themed activity where students read clues to solve the mystery.

This logic-based teaching resource can be used as an engaging Christmas-themed activity during the final weeks of school, or you can print copies out for your fast finishers across the school year.

Printable Logic Puzzles for Kids

Your students will need strong visualisation skills to solve this mystery worksheet and avoid getting tricked by the red herring in this printable mini-mystery.

The task in front of them: Work through the worksheet and decide whose present is the one wrapped in brown paper. Everyone is telling the truth, so does the present belong to the gingerbread man or the Christmas tree? Or maybe it’s the greeting card?

Students will read statements made by the characters in this logic puzzle, and they will also be presented with a selection of Cold Hard Facts. Students will then use logic and reasoning to eliminate characters and employ problem-solving skills to determine whose present is wrapped in plain brown paper.



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  • Molly Brooker

    Is it possible to get a explanation of the answer?

    • Dean Hughes

      Hi Molly, thank you for the suggestion! A member of the team will be writing up the logic and explanation for the answer. When the resource is updated, you should receive a notification on Teach Starter. Thanks once again!