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Classifying Angles – Sorting Activity

Teach Starter Publishing
PDF | 8 pages | Years: 3

A sorting activity to help students recognise different types of angles in everyday life.

Sort the Real-life Angles!

This sort is the perfect resource for students to use when learning how to identify angles around them in everyday life.

The resource includes:

  • 36 picture cards, each portraying an object that students will be familiar with
  • 3 classification heading cards: acute angles, obtuse angles and right angles
  • 3 classification heading cards: larger, smaller and equal.

Ways to Implement this Angle Activity

Use this resource in multiple ways! Take a look at some suggestions below:

  1. Students sort the cards as depicting either acute, obtuse or right angles, placing them below the corresponding heading.
  2. Students compare a pair of angles at a time. They place the larger angle under the ‘larger’ heading and the smaller angle under the ‘smaller’ heading. If the angles are the same (most notably the right angles), they place both cards under the equal heading. Once a set of angles have been compared they start a new row with two new cards.

This would be the ideal task to set as a maths group activity when first exploring angles.

Adhere the cards to thick cardboard so they can be re-used many times.

Give your students a great start on their journey into geometric reasoning with this simple angle classification activity!


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