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Maths Mazes (Factors)

Teach Starter Publishing
PDF | 6 pages | Years: 5 - 7

A set of maths mazes that allow students to demonstrate their knowledge of factors.

Each educational maze provides students with three numbers that need to be matched with their factors.

Identifying Factors of Whole Numbers

Students must navigate the maze by finding the factors of each number in ascending order, all while sticking to the rules of the worksheet.

Encourage students who encounter difficulty with the task to list the factors of each number before completing the maze.

Numbers included in this resource include:

  • Maze 1 – 15, 28, 47
  • Maze 2 – 10, 12, 32
  • Maze 3 – 14, 24, 40

Engaging Independent Maths Task

Use this printable maths worksheet as an individual task during your numeracy rotations or as an option for fast-finishers.

The worksheets provide a fun and educational way to consolidate understanding of factors.

Answer sheets are included in the resource.

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