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Multiplication and Division Minute Maths Booklet

Teach Starter Publishing
PDF | 14 pages | Years: 3 - 4

A maths mentals booklet with ten pages of multiplication and division questions.

Multiplication and Division Maths Warm-up Drills

This booklet is perfect to use as part of your daily maths warm-up routine when students need to practise recalling their multiplication facts. It can be used 3 days a week for 10 weeks! Here is a suggested implementation:

  1. Display a stopwatch on an interactive whiteboard or screen for all students to see.
  2. Decide on the round of Minute Maths the students will complete.
  3. Start the stopwatch.
  4. Once a student has completed the 20 questions of the round, they note down the time it took.
  5. When all students have finished, mark the round by reading out the answers. Students write down their number of errors.

Encourage students to beat their previous score!

Maths Mentals Booklet

Each page of the booklet focuses on one set of multiplication and division facts. The first and second rounds are made up of multiplication facts the third is division. The pages include:

  • Terrific Twos
  • Thrifty Threes
  • Fancy Fours
  • Funky Fives
  • Super Sixes
  • Sensational Sevens
  • Excellent Eights
  • Nifty Nines
  • Triumphant Tens
  • The Mega Mix (a mixture of all multiplication and division facts across each round).

How to Print Minute Maths Booklets

Print the cover and question pages of the document (pp. 1–11) using Adobe Reader’s ‘Booklet’ function. This creates an A5 sized booklet that only uses 3 pieces of paper! 🎉

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  • Tulsa Paudel

    thank you so much my students loved it

    • Dean Hughes

      No problem, Tulsa, we're glad your students enjoyed the booklet!

  • Zuriette Du Plessis

    A very handy resource. Thank you. It would also be handy to have more of the Mixed Multiplication options especially to e used towards Term 4. Thank you for your amazing resources.

    • Dean Hughes

      Our pleasure, Zuriette! Please feel free to suggest any other resources over at www.teachstarter.com/suggest-a-resource