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Multiplying and Dividing By 1000 Poster

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PDF | 2 pages | Years: 4 - 6

A poster to display in the classroom when multiplying and dividing by 1000.

Use this teaching resource in the classroom as part of your numeracy display when exploring how to multiply and divide by 1000.

Print and laminate the poster. Encourage the students to refer to the poster when problem-solving.

Use this poster in conjunction with the following worksheets:

Image of Multiplying by 1000 Worksheet

teaching resource

Multiplying by 1000 Worksheet

A worksheet for students to complete when multiplying by 1000.

Teach Starter Publishing2 pagesYears: 4 - 6
Image of Dividing by 1000 Worksheet

teaching resource

Dividing by 1000 Worksheet

A worksheet for students to complete when dividing by 1000.

Teach Starter Publishing2 pagesYears: 4 - 6


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  • Sharni Cason

    Hi I am going to repeat what others have said here, we should not be teaching 'move the decimal place' if admin walked in and saw me teaching what you have printed on this poster they would not be very enthusiastic.

    • Paul (Teach Starter)

      Hi Sharni, We are going to give this resource an update. We'll let you know when the new and improved version is ready to go!

  • Bec Bell

    Hi - we should be teaching 'move the numbers' not the 'decimal'. (decimal is an easy/cheat way...but the place value concept must be clearly understood first). Can these be adapted please?

    • Maree Bruce

      I definitely agree that this is a misconception that is being reiterated on anchor chart.

    • Kristian

      Hello Bec, As Stephanie mentioned, this resource is still valid for many teachers so changing it might not be the best solution. I agree that place value should be clearly understood first before using short-cut methods. If you'd like to take a look at the link below, we have a lot of resources catering for the learning of place value which you may find useful. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you require any further assistance.

    • Stephanie (Teach Starter)

      Hi Bec, thank you for your comment. We understand that teachers address mathematical concepts in various ways and that these methods are equally valid. We plan to create an alternate version of this poster to reflect the focus on place value that you mentioned in your comment. We will let you know once our designers have completed this update.