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My Dream Story - Writing Prompt Template

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Google Slide, PDF | 5 pages | Years: 1 - 6

Dream up some great stories using this creative story-writing prompt.

Cool Story Template 👓

This template is a great visual way for students to dream up their ideal story they want to write. Maybe they have had the idea for a while or maybe they are just brainstorming it during this activity. Either way, this writing prompt template will help them organise their ideas in a fun, visual way.

narrative writing template

The template consists of a cool title, a pair of funky glasses and a writing space. Students will:

  1. Identify the characters that will be in the story by drawing them in the right lens of the glasses.
  2. Determine the setting of their story by drawing it in the left lens of their glasses.
  3. Describe their story in the text box.
  4. Combine the title, glasses and text on some backing paper.
  5. Pin it up on a display board with all the other students’ work!

A Brainstorm Template You Can Display! 🤯

This writing prompt also doubles as a brainstorming template. Even better, a template that could be displayed in your classroom!

Sometimes brainstorming can be messy, with thoughts firing on all cylinders, and that’s ok! Templates like this provide space for particular throughts and can be completed using visuals and words.

Dream Stories for Book Week 2022 📚

As students explore the theme of Book Week 2022, provide them with this template and give them the task of setting their dream story in Australia.

With the vastly different landscapes all across the country, students can choose a place that is familiar to them or somewhere they wish to visit. Examples of some settings they could use include:

  • the beach
  • the desert
  • the bush
  • the rainforest
  • rivers and lakes.

Download & Print! 

Choose between a Colour and Black and White version using the drop-down menu next to the download button.

Print a selection of the glasses template pages for students to choose from and print a copy of the writing template for each student.

Have some coloured backing paper on hand for when students have completed their Dream Story template, allowing them to stick their pieces onto the paper and display in the classroom.

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