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Punctuation Tracking Chart – Monster Theme

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PDF, Word | 14 pages | Years: 2 - 7

A classroom display that allows students to see their progress towards using correct grammar and punctuation in their sentences.

Print the ladder pieces and name tags out on A3. Laminate each of the pieces so you can write the students’ names on the name tags and easily stick them to the ladder chart.

The ladder pieces should be lined up so they go up the wall.

Cut out the sticky-note pieces and attach them to the ladder chart at different levels. There are 24 different sticky-note pieces to encourage writers of different skill levels to progress to the next goal. Use as many of the sticky-note pieces as you need, or use the blank sticky-notes to write your own grammar goals.

You may also like to cut-out and laminate copies of the blank page of the sticky-notes. Attach them to student’s desks and write their next goal on it. They can hand it in when they have mastered the task and are ready to move up the punctuation ladder.

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  • ACELA1449

    Recognise that different types of punctuation, including full stops, question marks and exclamation marks, signal sentences that make statements, ask questions, express emotion or give commandsElaborationsusing intonation and pauses in response to pu...

  • ACELY1672

    Re-read and edit text for spelling, sentence-boundary punctuation and text structureElaborationsreading their work and adding, deleting or changing words, prepositional phrases or sentences to improve meaning, for example replacing an everyday noun w...

  • ACELA1480

    Know that word contractions are a feature of informal language and that apostrophes of contraction are used to signal missing lettersElaborationsrecognising both grammatically accurate and inaccurate usage of the apostrophe in everyday texts such as ...

  • ACELA1506

    Understand how the grammatical category of possessives is signalled through apostrophes and how to use apostrophes with common and proper nounsElaborationslearning that in Standard Australian English regular plural nouns ending in 's' form the po...

  • ACELA1521

    Understand the uses of commas to separate clausesElaborationsidentifying different uses of commas in texts (Skills: Literacy)(View this topic on www.australiancurriculum.edu.au )

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  • Jane Kitson
    Are the 'sticky labels' arranged in order of difficulty? I understand that correct use of fullstops is an easier concept to learn than the use of ellipses etc. I just wanted to know if you had arranged them in order as per the curriculum. Might save me having to check. Thanks!
    • Jill (Teach Starter)
      Hi Jane, The labels have not been arranged in order as per the curriculum. The idea behind the tracking chart is that students will be working on different goals, so we have provided a selection of the main punctuation concepts. There are also some blank sheets available in the download for you to add in any that are specific to your class. Kind regards Jill
  • Georgina F
    Thanks so much for creating this for me. I love it! I love that the post its are separate so teachers can choose which goals to stick on the ladder and that it comes with small, colour co-ordinated name tags. THANKS!

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