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The Feelings Flow - Poster

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PDF | 1 page | Years: F - 2

Help students understand the transient nature of emotions with this simple poem about feelings.

Explore the Transience of Emotions with This Feelings Poem for Kids  

Well-renowned Jamaican spiritual teacher Mooji once said: “Feelings are just visitors, let them come and go.” This can be a difficult concept for adults to understand, let alone children!

We sometimes get caught in the trap of letting our emotions define us. For example, we might align sadness to our personality, when in actual fact we are just feeling sad in the present moment. Understanding that emotions come and go and do not define us as people is a valuable concept that children will take with them into adulthood. As stated in the poem on the poster, written by Stephanie Mulrooney:

Like a river’s gentle flow,
All emotions come and go.
Like the clouds up in the sky,
Feelings, too, will roll on by. 

Use this feelings poem when exploring emotions and emotional transcience with your students. Emotional understanding helps us become more self-aware and enables us to build strong and lasting relationships with others. The understanding that feelings (yes, even those BIG feelings!) will eventually pass us by can help us to recognise and accept those feelings when they come for a ‘visit’.

How to Make the Most of This Feelings and Emotions Poem

  1. Print the colour version of the poster on A3 paper and display it in your classroom as a reminder to your students that feelings come and go.
  2. Print the black and white version of the poster on A4 paper and provide to students as a colouring in activity.

Before You Download

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