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Practise strategies they can use when they feel uncomfortable, unsafe or need help with a task, problem or situation


  • identifying and rehearsing strategies they can use when requiring assistance, such as asking an adult, reading basic signs and solving a problem with friends (Skills: Literacy, Critical and Creative Thinking, Personal and Social Capability)
  • locating and recording phone numbers of local organisations they can contact in case of emergency and rehearsing a phone call to triple zero (Skills: Literacy, Personal and Social Capability)
  • identifying situations that require the help of emergency services (Skills: Personal and Social Capability)
  • recognising photos and locations of safe places and a network of people who can help (Skills: Literacy, Personal and Social Capability)
  • describing warning signs (physical, emotional and external) that can help them to know if they are safe or unsafe (Skills: Personal and Social Capability)

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