25 Awesome Classroom Anchor Charts

25 Awesome Anchor Charts for the classroom
Cassie (Teach Starter)

Written by Cassie (Teach Starter)

Who doesn’t love a good anchor chart!? While it’s clear that we love a beautiful, professionally designed poster as much as the next person, there’s just something about a huge piece of paper and a stack of colored markers that we can’t ignore!

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Say, what is an anchor chart?

An anchor chart is a way to display procedures, processes, strategies, or concepts that are important tocurrent units of work. They are a fantastic way to support the creation of a visible classroom. More importantly than that, anchor charts cater specifically to your student group and their learning goals.

Take a look at these 25 amazing anchor charts and see how their teacher creators have broken down important information for their students.

1. Reading Stamina

This simple anchor charttracks whole class reading time!

2. Morning Routines

Michelle of @creative_math_classroom uses this simple anchor chart to remind students of their morning routine. Displaying the routine chart allows her to project homework answers simultaneously, streamlining the beginning of her 6th grade Math lessons.

3. Friendship Anchor Chart

Teaching social skills and making kindness the default for your students is so important! We love this friendship anchor chart that features characteristics of a good friend.

4. Only for Ed

There are a few different versions of this behavior anchor chart floating around, but this is one of our favorites!

5. Anchor Chart for Spelling

What an awesome layout for this key lower years spelling concept! First-grade teacher Melissa Bergsteinsson @teachingalatteinfirst, adds to this chart each week after introducing a new vowel.

6. A Writer’s Purpose Anchor Chart

Rather than staring at a blank piece of paper, students in this classroom can begin writing with clear purpose! This anchor chart for writing is a great example of how important concepts can be represented visually toreinforce student learning.

7. Letters, Words, and Sentences

Another amazing lower years anchor chart here – this time turned into a hands-on activity where students helped to sort and glue the letters, words, and sentences onto the chart!

8. The Beauty of Quadrants

This anchor chart for writing shows how great a simple quadrant-style layout can be for visually representing information.

9. What’s Inside and What’s Outside?

You don’t need to be an amazing artist to use drawings on your anchor charts! This stick figure person so clearly communicates these important writing concepts.

10. First, Second, Third

This anchor chart breaks down the concept of first, second and third person narration using color and numerals to group information.

11. Comprehending Comprehension

How great is this anchor chart about reading and comprehension skills!? Effectively taking out the big word (comprehension) and replacing it with a simple title that students can relate to (“Reading is Thinking”), this anchor poster encourages students to be active readers.

12. Rug Rules!

This drawing might not come so easily to some, however, there are a few great ideas we can all take from this floor time anchor chart…

  • two-color title with decorative dots
  • clear labels
  • lots of negative space to help students focus on key points!

13. A Noun in Disguise

Do you have a quirky metaphor for a key concept that you’d love to turn into an anchor chart?

14. #emojilove

If emojis help us to increase students’ self-awareness then we’ll happily put them on the walls!

15. F. L. U. S. H.

One for the staff bathroom perhaps?

16. Important Ideas Times Four

Here’s another great quadrant anchor chart.

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Fun anchor chart about Nouns!

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17. Show Me Some SLANT

Acrostic poems make great anchor posters too.

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18. I’m fiiiiinished!

Colorful, succinct, focused. Another great classroom routines anchor chart!

What do you do while baby naps? #anchorcharts #teacherlife #teachersofinstagram

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19. Reading Strategies

With the main idea in the center and each element or aspect surrounding it, this is another simple way to visually organize information for your anchor charts.

20. Think First…

Checkboxes! Checkboxes and lists can be used for a range of anchor chart topics.

Teach children effective ways to participate in group discussions. #anchorcharts #creatingreadersandwriters

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21. OREO Writing

Perhaps the only thing missing from this OREO Writing anchor chart display is an actual packet of Oreos…

22. Area/Perimeter

Mathematics concepts are great to represent visually in an anchor poster!

23. Just Add Water

How cute is this anchor chart about plants!? The dots and dashes around each element are such a simple way to add a visual pop

24. Anchor Chart for Mathematics

Another great example of how simple anchor charts can make key concepts, tools, and strategies more accessible for students.

25. Friends of Ten

This “Friends of Ten” anchor chart has everything that an anchor chart should. One concept? Check! Multiple colors? Check!

Wow! There are definitely some skilled teachers out there with a great eye for color and visual balance! However, if you are more of a “print and hang” kind of person (like me!), you will love our range of information posters for your classroom. Print, laminate, and display!

Here are some of our faves:

Do you use anchor charts in your classroom?
What ideas or concepts do you illustrate on your charts?

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