35 Fresh New Ways to Ask "How Was Your Day?"

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You know that a school day is filled with hours and hours of engaging activities and active learning. But when the average kid gets home from school, and their parents ask what they did all day, the conversation tends to go something like this:

Parent: What’d you do at school today?
Kid: Nothing.

Nothing!? What about that moment when all the pieces came together, and your student finally understood prepositional phrases?

Or that moment when you saw a bunch of (metaphorical) lightbulbs turn on all around the room during your lesson on kinetic and potential energy?

There are magic moments happening every day in schools all across the country, so we decided it was time to help teachers out a bit! Here’s a list of 35 ways to ask a child “how was your day” and get real responses!

Teach Starter Teacher Tip: Print out the whole list of questions and send it home to the parents in your classroom!

Different Ways to Ask Kids “How Was Your Day?”

1. What is something you did today that you’d love to do every day?
2. What do you know today that you didn’t know yesterday?
3. Tell me something that made you laugh.
4. Did anything make you feel frustrated?
5. What was the best thing that happened?

6. Did you find out anything interesting?
7. What made you smile?
8. What was the most creative thing you did?
9. Did everyone have someone to play with?
10. What was your least favorite part of the day?

11. Did you do something kind for someone?
12. Did someone do something kind for you?
13. Did anything make you feel worried?
14. What was the hardest part of your day?
15. Teach me something you learned.


16. Who did you play with?
17. What made your teacher smile?
18. Did anything make your teacher frown?
19. Did you learn any new words?
20. What made you feel happy?

21. Did anything make you feel sad?
22. What made you feel proud?
23. Did anyone do anything silly?
24. Did you give anyone a hug?
25. What did you find difficult?

26. Was anyone away?
27. What are you reading?
28. Did you see anyone feeling sad?
29. Did you help someone?
30. How would you rate your day from 1 to 10?

31. Did you feel scared or nervous at all?
32. Who did you have lunch with?
33. What is your favorite lunchtime activity?
34. What is your favorite word right now?
35. What made you feel grateful?


This awesome list of alternatives to asking “How Was Your Day?” can also be downloaded as a printable poster!

What do you think?

Do you have some other great after-school conversation starters you’d like to share in the comments below?

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