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4 Sustainability Podcast Episodes to Help Make Your Classroom Green

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Earth Day should be every day, but let’s face it, the holiday comes around once a year as a good reminder that we’re all sharing this planet. When it comes to sustainability in the classroom, Earth Day is the perfect reminder that even the smallest learners can make big changes for the sake of the Earth. Luckily, sustainability podcasts for teachers are here with creative and easy tips for making your classroom more eco-friendly.

Despite knowing the importance of sustainability at school, the topic can often get overlooked amongst the jumble of a typical school day. To help you out, we’ve pulled together 4 of our favorite sustainability-focused episodes from our “For the Love of Teaching” podcast.

Our Top 4 Podcast Episodes on Sustainability

You haven’t heard sustainability talked about like this before! Take a listen to the ever-cheerful Bron as she chats with some in-the-know guests about all things “environmentally-friendly teaching”!

#1 Classroom Sustainability

Let’s get the ball rolling with a podcast featuring yours truly! Having taught for 7 years, I am fully aware of how difficult it can be to be environmentally savvy at school. This podcast is full of helpful hints and tips about how to easily implement sustainable practices in your classroom.

Kick it all off in the classroom! Print our Energy-Saving Reminders, and post near light switches, devices, and outlets to encourage your students to make simple but smart energy-saving decisions.

#2 Healthy Kids in the Classroom with OzHarvest’s FEAST Program for Schools

Guest Amelia Burner from Oz Harvest’s FEAST chats with Bron about all things food waste in this podcast. Discover how to embed nutrition, food waste education, and sustainability into your lessons with this curriculum-aligned feast for the ears.

Jam-packed with information, the FEAST program for schools helps kids be healthy in the classroom. Kick off your own food waste reduction program in the classroom with tips for your students on composting!

#3 Plastic-Free July!

It may not be July right now, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t do your part to end plastic pollution! Listen to this quick podcast as Bron chats with Teach Starter founder, Jill, about how teachers can be supported to be a little more sustainable. It also features a bit of info about Teach Starter’s One Million Trees project! That’s right, We’re Going to Plant One Million Trees!

Jill isn’t known as the sustainability queen for no reason! She will give you some great ideas on helping make recycling and waste avoidance fun in your classroom.

#4 Maggie Dent on National Tree Day

In the final podcast in our top 4, Bron interviews the incredible author Maggie Dent. With Arbor Day on the horizon, Maggie helps to remind us that every day is a wonderful day to plant a tree!

You will be inspired by Maggie Dent’s passion for the environment, and we’ve got the trick to help your students catch the same passion! Our Why Plant a Tree infographic is free on! Print, and post in your classroom so your kids get an everyday reminder of the importance of these majestic plants.

Or check out these other amazing eco-friendly resources for the classroom:

Image of Earth Day Mobile

teaching resource

Earth Day Mobile

A template to create a mobile for Earth Day.

Teach Starter Publishing2 pagesGrades: K - 5
Image of Earth Day Acrostic Poem - Template

teaching resource

Earth Day Acrostic Poem - Template

An acrostic poem template to use in the classroom to celebrate Earth Day and National Poetry Month.

Teach Starter Publishing1 pageGrades: 1 - 5
Image of Be Kind to the Planet Template

teaching resource

Be Kind to the Planet Template

A template for students to write ways they can be eco-friendly.

Teach Starter Publishing1 pageGrades: 2 - 6


Well, there you have it! I hope I’ve given you some environmental inspiration to green your classroom!

Are you looking for more amazing podcast episodes featuring some incredible guests? Make sure to head on over to For The Love Of Teaching.

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