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It’s the most wonderful time of the year… especially when you are choosing that all-important teacher planner.

There is something comforting about having a teacher planner ready to go for your first day back! It almost feels like everything else you have on your plate will fall into place, once your teaching planner lands on your desk. Right?

Printable teacher planner

How beautiful is our Blush Blooms teacher planner?

The Best Printable Teacher Planner Templates

Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed with the different teacher planners available? There is no doubt about it – they all look amazing, but do they suit your needs?

Perhaps you are a new teacher and would benefit from one whole page per day to really plan out every teaching session. Or, perhaps you just want a week view on each page. Some of us like to write things down and others would prefer to plan digitally.

If you are in “team digital” then check out my blog Why and How Teachers are Planning Digitally.

Either way, organization is key!

Teacher planner templates

How to Set Up Your Own Teacher Planner

I’m not sure about you, but I like to be able to flick through my planner. There’s something about using pen and paper that makes me feel more in control.

Teacher planner templates

We have a huge collection of downloadable teacher planner templates to suit your needs.

Go through and pick out the templates and style you want, head down to your local print store and have it printed and bound. Voila!

It’s usually for the fraction of the cost and it suits your needs!

Printable teacher planner templates

Choose Your Style!

We have a range of designs to suit what you like!

Here are some of our most popular designs:

Tropical Paradise Teacher Planner

A collection of tropical paradise-themed printable pages for teachers to use when creating a personal school diary.

Printable teacher planner templates

Blush Blooms Printable Teacher Diary

A collection of blush blooms-themed printable pages for teachers to use when creating a personal school diary.

How to put together a teacher planner

Tranquil Watercolor Printable Teacher Diary

A collection of tranquil watercolor-themed printable pages for teachers to use when creating a personal school diary.

Printable teacher planner templates

Teacher Planner – Customizable Microsoft Word Templates

Most of our Teacher Planner Templates are now available to download in Microsoft Word to make it really easy to customize and keep your diary digital.

Simply look for the little white arrow beside the big green Download button. If it is available in Microsoft Word you will see the options.

  • Easily type your students’ names and pre-determined assessments into our Assessment Trackers.
  • Type up the details of each term using our Editable Semester Planner Templates.
  • Our Daily Overview Template and Weekly Overview Templates are also available in Microsoft Word.

Feeling inspired?

Check out our collection of other Teacher Organization Templates.


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  • Hellen_321

    Great resources here. I need advise on whether teachers purchase these resources out of their pockets or if their school boards get involved.

    • Holly (Teach Starter)

      Hi there, I think it really depends on the school or district you are working in. Some teachers pay for these things out of their own pockets while others can get their schools to pay.

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