How to Make a DIY Mailbox | Holiday Literacy Activity Ideas

DIY holiday mailbox and literacy activity ideas

Written by Natalie

Did you know that more and more schools are banning the exchange of holiday cards?

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While there are some challenges with exchanging holiday cards in the classroom, it also brings festive joy! A great solution is to create a DIY Holiday Mailbox for your classroom. Find out how to make a mailbox and ways it can be used in conjunction with super cool holiday activity ideas!


Let’s keep the tradition of sending holiday cards alive!


The Problems and the Solutions

So, it’s true. If not organized and managed well, exchanging holiday cards in the classroom can:

  • cause problems related to students feeling hurt and left out if they do not receive a card.
  • create awkwardness for students who do not celebrate Christmas.
  • take up valuable lesson time and become difficult to manage.

And that’s why you need a DIY Holiday Mailbox!

a DIY holiday mailbox to deliver holiday cards.

A holiday mailbox can help to:

  • ensure that every student receives a card (by arranging card buddies)
  • provide clear times for posting and delivering cards
  • provide a platform for holiday literacy activities and letter writing activities
  • develop social skills and friendships in the classroom
  • include children who do not celebrate Christmas by making simple adjustments.


Special Mail for Everyone

It’s easy to include students who do not celebrate Christmas by using our 8 Generic Special Person Cards.
generic greeting cards for children who do not celebrate Christmas.

Make sure everyone feels included by partnering your students up and by providing a variety of greeting card options. Also, don’t forget to explore and discuss more general greeting messages.

How to Make a Holiday Mailbox

It’s easy to make a Holiday Mailbox from an empty photocopy paper box.

explore writing greeting cards for a fun holiday literacy activity.

To make a holiday mailbox you will need:

Don’t forget that you can adapt this design to create a not so holiday-like mailbox for students if you have any students in your classroom that do not celebrate Christmas.

Holiday Postcards

When you have made your mailbox, download our new Holiday Postcard Templates for a fun holiday literacy activity. These simple postcard templates can be used in a variety of ways…

Christmas postcards perfect for exploring postcard writing.

For a super fun holiday literacy activity, encourage your students to write a postcard from the North Pole! As a class, learn about the northernmost point of the Earth. You might like to explore the climate, animal life, and landscape. Next, encourage your students to write a simple postcard that includes:

  • an informal greeting
  • a brief description of an exciting event or the best part of their imaginary trip
  • a note about the weather
  • the date (optional)
  • a closing phrase.

Alternatively, you can use these postcards as a quick and easy alternative to Christmas cards.

 Keep the Holiday Card Tradition Alive!

According to Wikipedia, the first recorded holiday cards were sent by Michael Maier to James I of England in 1611. Next, cards were commissioned by Sir Henry Cole and illustrated by John Callcott Horsley in London on May 1, 1843.

a selection of Christmas cards that your students will love.

There are many ways that you can give academic weight to the fun task of making holiday cards!

Top Holiday Literacy Activity Ideas:

  • Research the history of exchanging holiday cards and create a timeline.
  • Explore different images used on holiday cards and how they have changed over time.
  • Consider how the digital world and technology have affected the tradition of exchanging holiday cards
  • Explore cards exchanged as part of other traditions, faiths, and beliefs.

To sum it up, with careful planning the tradition of exchanging holiday cards in the classroom can live on! Choose from our collection Greeting Cards or use our new Holiday Postcard Templates as a quick and easy alternative.

postcards perfect to send a quick and simple holiday message!

A holiday mailbox can go a long way towards solving the common problems associated with exchanging holiday cards in the classroom. What’s more, there are so many awesome holiday literacy activities that can be enjoyed by having a mailbox in your classroom.

Perhaps there’s a special place for a mailbox in your classroom all year round?

For more holiday card ideas, read Holly’s blog Christmas Pop Up Card Templates or Emma’s crafty blog 5 Crafty Christmas Card Ideas for the End of Term.

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