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Meet Our Teacher - Bronwyn Brady

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Bronwyn Brady

Bronwyn Brady is an Australian Brand and Community Engagement Specialist, and also the host of the Teach Starter podcast. Along with a Bachelor of Journalism from QUT and a Graduate Diploma of Education with Distinction in Early Years, Bronwyn has 11 years of teaching experience, ranging from Pre-K to Grade 4. We were fortunate enough to have Bronwyn join us as an ambassador early on, and were incredibly excited when she agreed to join the team permanently in 2018.

Teaching was always going to be Bronwyn’s vocation and purpose, deciding she was going to become a teacher when she was in Grade 3! She was inspired by the many educators who touched her young life, and loves the wonderment, excitement, and enrichment that meaningful learning experiences bring to children. Bronwyn is incredibly passionate about literacy and play-based learning, and shares these passions with us through the blogs and podcasts she produces.

Some of Bronwyn’s favorite contributions are below!

Bronwyn’s Work

Maggie Dent on National Tree Day 2020 – Podcast

Bronwyn joins Maggie Dent to talk about National Tree Day and how, after a particularly challenging year, Australians can harness this opportunity to regenerate our land, our people and our future.

Rob Hunter and His Whole Class… – Podcast

Bron interviews Rob Hunter, a teacher who was confronted at gunpoint and kidnapped with his nine young students – in his first two weeks of teaching at 20 years old.

Remember when Flying Places was a Thing? (Classic Mr D) – Podcast

If you’ve got the travel bug and are lamenting in lockdown, Mr D’s airplane horror story will make you glad to stay at home!

Play-Based Learning Borrowed from Bluey – Blog

We love Bluey! Take a look at our favorite moments of play-based goodness from the popular children’s cartoon series for dramatic play inspo!

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