Teacher Appreciation Week | 20 Reasons Why Teachers Are Incredible


Written by Alison Smith

National Teacher Appreciation Week is a week-long celebration in recognition of educators and the contributions they make to the lives of their students and society. National Teacher Appreciation Week 2019 begins on Monday 6 May and ends on Friday 10 May.Most schools celebrate teachers for the whole week, but the actual Teacher Appreciation Day 2019 is on Tuesday May 7th.

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Teacher Appreciation Week provides an opportunity for students, parents, guardians and school principals to show how grateful they are for the hard work teachers do and the long hours many of them put in.

Many educators receive thank you gifts and notes of gratitude from their students during this week, and schools organize events and celebrations to mark the occasion.

Teacher Appreciation Week Thank You Cards

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20 Reasons Why Teachers Are Incredible

Teacher Appreciation week is the perfect time to acknowledge how incredible teachers are. Here are 20 reasons why the hard work and dedication of educators should be recognized every day…

Teachers Are Silent Heros

You work silently during and after school hours often without recognition. Sundays are spent planning and preparing for the school week ahead and the school holidays are often not really holidays. There is so much that you do that goes unnoticed. So much hard work goes behind the scenes. Thank you, teachers for being incredible.

Teachers Still Plan and Prepare When They Are Sick

Every teacher knows that its more exhausting to plan for a substitute teacher than it is to drag your sick self to work and try to make it through the day. Going to work is often easier than trying to articulate your daily plans to a substitute teacher.

Then there’s the teacher’s guilt. How will your students cope without you? Will the lesson be taught as well as you would do it? Will your less confident students get the support that they need? Who will coordinate your after-school sports session?

For those days when taking a sick day is the only option, ease the stress and use our Substitute Teaching Folder (For Classroom Teachers). Download this unbeatable teaching resourcenow and collate all the information and resources substitute teachers may need when they come into your classroom in one organized folder!

Teachers Give the Most Important Gift of All

Not only do you give your students the gift of learningyou also give them the gift of thinking for themselves. Never underestimate the positive impact you are making on the lives of individuals. You are truly incredible.

Teachers Make a Record Number of Decisions

Teachers make a huge number of decisions each day, much like a manager but without the pay. Teacher decisions are both big and small, but every one of them is as important to your students as the last. From grading students to deciding whether to use messy paint or easy crayons, teachersmake seemingly endless decisions each day.

Teachers Touch Every Aspect of Society

Teachers have a far-reaching influence on society. It is often said that other than parents or guardians, no other person can have a more profound influence on an individual than a teacher. Your students are deeply affected by your influence, your character, compassion, competence, values, and commitment.

Teachers Are Multi-Tasking Speed Eaters

I dont know of any other profession in which it is the norm to eat your lunch in four minutes while supervising a large crowd of small humans, in a high-risk open space. How is that indigestion going?

Teachers Have Bladders of Steel

Teachers, there’s no time to go to the bathroom. Oh and I forgot to mention that youll be lucky if theres time to go during your so-called break. Part of yourjob as a teacher is to monitor your water intake so that you don’t need to go to the bathroom during lesson time.

Teachers Shape Future Generations

Teachers shape the future by touching lives and strengthening communities. That is YOU I’m talking about. You are incredible.

Teachers Are Patience Experts

Teachers have the patience of a saint. That is all.

Teachers Are Student Mentors

Teachers are not just educators, they are also carers and mentors to their students. Not everyone realizes that teachers often help and support their students to beat the odds in challenging times at school and in their home life. Your class is like your extended family and you are incredible.

Teachers Listened to Their Higher Calling

Have you ever heard a teacher say that they can’t imagine doing any other job? Many teachers say that they didn’t choose the job, but rather that the job chose them.


Teachers Make Complicated Stuff SeemSimple

Teachers make solving long division feel like a breeze and constructing adjectival phrases feel like a walk in the park.


Teachers Put the Extraordinary Into the Ordinary

Teachers use kung fu to teach punctuation and games to teach mathematics. You are the magician and an incredible one at that.

Teachers Work Massive Hours

While most people expect to work a 38-hour full-time week, teachers are often working far more than this. We are talking before school, after school, weekends and vacation. The Teach Starter team know it and we think you are incredible.

Teachers Arm Children with Education

As Nelson Mandela says, Educationis the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.


Teachers Help Children to Discover Themselves

Teachers provide their students with the opportunity and classroom experience to discover themselves. From strengths and weaknesses to likes to dislikes, teachers help their students to develop emotional intelligence and to find out who they are.

Teachers Never Give Up

Teachers never give up on students. Instead, they think of yet another strategy to make the light bulb switch on. Teachers never give up on themselves or each other. They keep moving forward, however bad the day was. You are incredible.

Teachers Open Hearts and Inspire Minds

Teachersmotivate their students and inspire them to be the best that they can be. Teachers encourage and believe in their students. This unwavering faith opens hearts and minds to the world of possibility. Did I tell you that you are incredible?

Teachers Are Crafty

Do you ever find yourself looking at rubbish and wondering whether you could make something out of that? If you are anything like me, you see serious craft potential in paper plates, tubes and cardboard boxes. If you need any more convincing read my blog10 Ways to Spark Imagination with a Cardboard Box.

Teachers Do What They Do From the Heart

It’s no secret teaching is a low-paid profession. If you’re not doing it for the money, you are doing it from the heart. You are incredible.

Teacher Appreciation Week is an important celebration that recognizes the life-changing work that educators do.

Do something special for a teacher who has touched your life. Let them know how grateful you are.

Make a shout out to an incredible teacher that you know on Instagram #teachstarter.

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