Episode 3

Being a Happy, Healthy Teacher

Recorded by | Run time: 21 min, 25 sec


If you haven’t heard, there is a growing community of educators online who are buzzing with creative ideas. They are happily sharing resources and supporting each other throughout the school year. Instagram can now be used to explore inside classrooms everywhere. This digital staffroom is affectionately known to Australian Teachers as ‘Teachergram’. It is a place where Instastories are filmed to entertain, discuss, debrief and openly share what life is truly like for those in the profession.

Ceri Edwards (who can be found on Instagram as @ourcreativeclassroom) is a bright and bubbly teacher from rural South Australia. She describes herself as ‘loud in every sense of the word’. Her rainbow wardrobe, colourful earrings and weekly lip syncing sessions are what attract her tribe of over 17 000 followers. When she isn’t walking her border collie x kelpie, Dahlia, she is inspiring teachers to be healthy and happy on @healthyteachersaus, where she re-shares tagged photos or videos of teachers around Australia. For information regarding your data privacy, visit acast.com/privacy


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