Squid Game(s): Tips for Teachers

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Squid Game is a series streaming on Netflix that is not only breaking the ‘most-streamed series ever’ record, but it’s also filtering down to some of our youngest children in our primary schools. We were recently made aware of school children as young as 6 being exposed to this Netflix show. If you haven’t yet watched Squid Game, it’s certainly not been designed for young people’s eyes, that’s for sure! However, they are seeing it or being exposed to aspects of it through Netflix, YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and even Roblox. We recently asked Trent from the Cyber Safety Project to provide us with some hints and tips on how teachers can deal with this emerging situation in our primary schools.

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In this episode, listen as Bron and Jill chat about the show and the main tips that Trent shared with us. Check out the blog here!

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    John Snow

    This is interesting

    John Snow · Nov 10th, 2021

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