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Hour of Code Teaching Resources

Get ready for Hour of Code in the classroom with printable coding worksheets created by teachers, for teachers!

What Is the Hour of Code?

Sometimes called the world's largest learning moment in history, the Hour of Code is an international educational program designed to promote computer science in schools around the world. With kids from more than 180 countries involved since the program's inception in 2013, Hour of Code allows children of all ages to code in some way — whether it's on a computer, tablet, smartphone, or a printable worksheet — to show that literally anybody can learn the basics of computer science.

When Is Hour of Code 2022?

Hour of Code is held annually during Computer Science Education Week in December. In 2022, CSEd Week, as it is also called, is being celebrated from December 5 to 11. Do you want your students to participate in the Hour of Code but have no idea about coding? Well, don’t worry! We have you covered with this collection of coding resources to get you started.

How to Participate in Hour of Code Activities

Looking to get your class involved in the Hour of Code this year? Here are a few activities to join the fun, suggested by our teacher team:
  1. Sign up to host for an hour in your classroom or school with the official Hour of Code.
  2.  Plan an Hour of Code Dance Party with students coding choreography to a favorite song.
  3. Explore the skill of decomposition by challenging students to write the steps they would take to teach a robot how to wash its hands or get dressed.
  4. Send students on a treasure hunt with a coding robot map.
  5. Print out any of our fun maze resources, and pair students off to complete the maze together with one student giving step by step directions to help their partner find the finish line.
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