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3D Shapes Anchor Chart

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PDF | 1 page | Grades: 1 - 3

Learn the names of some common 3D shapes with this classroom anchor chart.

Explore 3D Shapes and Their Properties

One key learning objective of the Math curriculum in elementary school is to have students identify three‐dimensional solids and describe their attributes using formal geometric language. To make this task easier, we’ve designed a handy, all-in-one anchor chart you can display in your room while you are teaching this important geometric concept. These make a great reference point for your students while they are learning the names and properties of these common objects.

Which 3D Shapes Are Included?

This classroom anchor chart includes eight common 3D shapes that your students will commonly encounter when learning about three-dimensional objects. The poster shows the name of each 3D shape, along with a visual image. The 3D figures included on the anchor chart include:

  • Cube
  • Sphere
  • Cone
  • Cylinder
  • Rectangular prism
  • Triangular prism
  • Triangular based pyramid
  • Square based pyramid.

How to Make the Most of This 3D Shapes Anchor Chart

This anchor chart has been created to support Math instruction in your classroom. You may wish to use the poster in the following ways:

  1. Print the anchor chart on tabloid paper and display it in your classroom as a reminder of the various types of 3D shapes.
  2. Print enough copies of the poster for students to paste into their workbooks as a reference.

Easily Download and Print These 3D Shape Posters

This resource downloads as a full-color PDF. Just download, print, and teach!

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