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Base-10 Flashcards - Numbers 1–120

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PDF | 30 pages | Grades: 1 - 2

A set of Base-10 flashcards for the numbers 1–120.

Use this resource when students are learning place value and how to build numbers.

Print out these flashcards on cardstock and cut them out. Store them in a resealable bag to be used over and over.

A few ways to use these flashcards:

  • Give students a Place Value Chart and a set of 0–9 digit cards. Show them a flashcard and have them make the number on their chart using the digit cards.
  • As a math center activity, have a pair of students split the deck of flashcards and play a game of ‘War’. With their pile facedown, students flip over the top card. Each student says the number on their card. The student with the largest number wins the cards. Play continues until one student has the entire deck.
  • As a math warm-up, show students 4–5 cards and have them write the numbers in ascending or descending order.
  • Use the cards as a Scoot activity. Place one card on each desk or tape on the walls around the room. Using a sticky note, place a number 1–24 on each card. Make sure the cards are placed an equal distance apart and in order from 1–24. Provide an allotted amount of time for students to answer each card. Make sure to remind students to write their answers beside the numbers that match the number on their card. Only 1 student in the room will begin writing their answers starting at #1. When the time for each card is up, use a signal (e.g. blow a whistle, ring a bell, clap your hands, flick the lights on and off) to tell the students to move to the next card. Students will move in the same direction and follow numerical order, e.g. if a student is at card #5, they will move to card #6 when the teacher gives the signal. Play continues until the students return back to the card they started at.
  • Show students a flashcard and have them generate a number that is greater than or less than the number. Then, have them write a comparative statement using the < and > symbols.

To generate additional flashcards for any numbers between 0 and 9,999, use our Base-10 Flashcards Generator.


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