Number Recognition Teaching Resources

Dive into the world of number recognition for preschool, pre-K, and kindergarten students with printable worksheets, number lines for the classroom, number recognition games and activities, and so much more! Created by teachers, each math resource in this teaching collection has undergone a review by an expert teacher on the Teach Starter team so they're ready for you to use in your classroom! New to teaching this part of the math curriculum? We've got your back! Our teacher team knows what it’s like to suddenly teach a brand-new grade level or concept. Check out their quick guide to all things number recognition.

What Is Number Recognition?

By definition, number recognition is the ability to recognize numbers by their names and by how they look. When this math skill is mastered, students are able to write each of the numbers in digit form and also know their representative quantities. Essentially, this gives students their first real tool to unravel the language of math! An important part of developing number sense, being able to identify numbers on sight enables students to move forward and begin noting the relationships between different numbers.

Why Do Some Children Struggle With Number Recognition?

Although this math concept is an easy study for some kids, others in your classroom may struggle to read and write their numbers. This could be a sign of dyscalculia, a learning disability that's similar in nature to dyslexia, although it's specific to numbers. If one of your students is struggling to recognize letters even as their peers are getting the hang of the concept, talk to the experts in your guidance office. An evaluation may be in order.
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