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Basketball Bookmarks

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Bring calm to the classroom and promote mindfulness with a set of printable basketball bookmarks to color.

Printable Basketball Bookmarks to Color and Calm

Are you looking for a purposeful mindfulness coloring activity for your students? Perhaps you’re looking for a sports-themed activity or just something to have on hand when you feel your students need a break from the core curriculum. Our basketball mindfulness coloring bookmarks are the perfect mindful activity that students can use in their reading books.

Your download includes one sheet containing three “Having a Ball Reading” bookmarks. They are available in both color and black and white. 

How Do Mindfulness Coloring Pages Help Students?

Mindful coloring, which involves focusing on the present moment and using coloring as a form of meditation, can benefit kids. Some of the ways mindful coloring may help kids include:

  • Reducing stress and anxiety: Coloring can be a relaxing activity that helps kids de-stress and unwind. The repetitive nature of coloring can be especially helpful for kids who are feeling anxious or overwhelmed, as it can provide a sense of calm and control.
  • Improving focus and concentration: Mindful coloring requires kids to concentrate on the present moment and the task at hand, which can help improve focus and attention span.
  • Developing fine motor skills: Coloring involves using small muscles in the hands and fingers, which can help kids develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.
  • Promoting creativity: Coloring allows kids to express themselves creatively and to use their imaginations.
  • Encouraging self-expression: Coloring can be a non-verbal way for kids to express their thoughts and feelings, which can be especially helpful for kids who may find it difficult to express themselves verbally

Downloading Your Bookmarks and Mindful Coloring Pages for Kids 

Use the dropdown arrow on the Download button to select the color or black and white resource file. 

We recommend printing these bookmarks on thick cardstock to ensure durability when used.


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