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Do you need printable bookmarks to hand out in your classroom or place in your classroom library? Get hooked on this collection of printable bookmark templates for kids created by our team of expert teachers! Download and print bookmarks for kids to color and bookmarks for holidays from Halloween to Thanksgiving and beyond. There are both cute and functional options for every teacher and classroom in our teacher-created resource collection.

Clever Ways to Use Student Bookmarks

If you're thinking "I use bookmarks to mark the page in a book," well, yes, that's one pretty obvious way to use these teacher printables in your classroom. However, the team of teachers at Teach Starter has a few more tricks up our sleeves. Check out this list of ways the humble bookmark can make a difference in your classroom!
  1. Halloween treats. Do you have a no-candy school rule or do you just prefer to avoid candy in the classroom? Fun Halloween bookmarks can take the place of chocolate and sugar while still making the October holiday sweet for your students.
  2. Rule and procedure reminders. Print off a morning checklist or end-of-day routine list on a handy strip of paper, so your class always has a reminder at hand to keep them on task.
  3. At-home guides. You may not be there when students do their multiplication homework or edit their rough drafts, but a bookmark can be — along with some tips from you!
  4. Holiday or end-of-school-year gifts. Akin to the Halloween treat idea, opting to gift a bookmark before the winter or summer break is a great way to encourage at-home reading.
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