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Deciduous Forest Biome Slide Deck

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PowerPoint, PDF | 11 pages | Grades: 3 - 5

An 11-slide editable PowerPoint to use in the classroom when learning about deciduous forests.

What is a Deciduous Forest? Let’s Find Out!

A deciduous forest is a type of forest characterized by trees that lose their leaves seasonally, typically in the autumn or winter. These trees are also known as deciduous trees. Deciduous forests are found in regions with temperate climates, where the temperature and rainfall patterns produce a growing season long enough to support the growth of trees but also a period of reduced water availability or lower temperatures that causes the trees to lose their leaves. The leaves of deciduous trees serve as an important source of food for many animals during the growing season, and the loss of leaves in the fall allows for increased light penetration, which can support the growth of other plants on the forest floor. Deciduous forests are home to a wide variety of plant and animal species and play a vital role in the global ecosystem.

Ready-Made Ecosystem Lesson Plans and Activities

Use this teaching resource in the classroom to learn how climate can influence the vegetation and animals found in a deciduous forest. This teaching presentation includes key information, discussion points, and class activities for a deciduous forest:

  • map of deciduous forests

  • deciduous forest climate

  • deciduous forest producers (plants)

  • animals of the deciduous forest

  • deciduous forest temperature

  • and many more deciduous forest characteristics!


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