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Instructional Slide Decks

Cut your lesson planning time in half with instructional slide decks created by teachers for teachers! Download hundreds of teaching presentations designed in Google slides so they integrate seamlessly with your district LMS to supplement instruction in ELA, science, math, social studies, and more! Each curriculum-aligned slide deck template in this collection has undergone rigorous review by our team of expert teachers to ensure it's classroom-ready, so you don't have to spend hours fact-checking, spell-checking, and making major edits to make it work for your students.

What Is a Slide Deck?

Maybe you call them teaching presentations? Maybe you call them slideshows? Or maybe you're more familiar with the term PowerPoint. A slide deck is a series of slides used as a visual aid while you're teaching a lesson. Our slide decks are designed with teachers' various needs in mind so you'll find Google Slides which can also be used by Microsoft PowerPoint users. Our slide decks for elementary teachers are easy to customize to differentiate for your individual students' needs and include important definitions, explanations of key concepts, review questions and activities, links to additional worksheets, and much more.

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