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Louis Pasteur and Jonas Salk - Famous Scientists Comprehension Pack

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Google Slide, PDF | 9 pages | Grades: 4 - 5

Introduce your students to the groundbreaking work of Louis Pasteur and Jonas Salk with a comparative reading passage and comprehension questions.

Who was Louis Pasteur? What About Jonas Salk?

Louis Pasteur and Jonas Salk are two of the world’s most influential scientists and historical figures. Pasteur was a French microbiologist and chemist known for his work on pasteurization and the germ theory of disease. He discovered that microorganisms caused many diseases, and he developed methods for killing these germs and preventing their spread. 

Jonas Salk was an American medical researcher who is best known for his development of the polio vaccine. Salk’s work on a vaccine helped to eradicate polio and saved countless lives. His research also helped to lay the foundation for modern vaccine development.

Discover a Famous Scientist with a Reading Passage

This printable worksheet set is designed to challenge students and help them develop their reading comprehension skills. Each worksheet includes questions and activities that focus on the lives and work of these famous scientists, as well as the impact they have had on the world. 

Included in your download, you will find

  • World-Changing Scientists Reading Passage (Pasteur & Salk Biography)
  • 10-question Reading Comprehension Worksheet (Multiple Choice, Written Answer, and Constructed Response)
  • Facts About Jonas Salk & Louis Pasteur Cut and Sort Worksheet

Download and Print Your Reading Comprehension Worksheets

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This resource was created by Beth Hindi,  a teacher in Texas and Teach Starter Collaborator.


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