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Understanding States of Matter Worksheet

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PDF | 4 pages | Grades: 3 - 5

A worksheet that allows students to demonstrate their knowledge of solids, liquids, and gases.

Use this educational worksheet when exploring the concept of matter in Science.

Students answer a series of questions related to the properties and states of matter. They are provided with an opportunity to use this knowledge to help explain natural phenomena and to inform decisions around everyday events.

This teaching resource would make an excellent addition to a lesson or unit that investigates the Chemical Sciences related to states of matter.


  • Science 3.5(B)

    Describe and classify samples of matter as solids, liquids, and gases and demonstrate that solids have a definite shape and that liquids and gases take the shape of their container;

  • Science 3.5(C)

    Predict, observe, and record changes in the state of matter caused by heating or cooling such as ice becoming liquid water, condensation forming on the outside of a glass of ice water, or liquid water being heated to the point of becoming wa...

  • Science 4.5(A)

    Measure, compare, and contrast physical properties of matter, including mass, volume, states (solid, liquid, gas), temperature, magnetism, and the ability to sink or float; and

  • Science 5.5(A)

    Classify matter based on measurable, testable, and observable physical properties, including mass, magnetism, physical state (solid, liquid, and gas), relative density (sinking and floating using water as a reference point), solubility in wa...

Teach Starter Publishing

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