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Weathering and Erosion Word Wall Vocabulary

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PDF | 2 pages | Grades: 4 - 6

69 weathering and erosion related vocabulary cards for a word wall.

Display these word wall cards when teaching weathering and erosion to your students.

There is a blank sheet provided at the end for any extra words that your students may want to add.

Words include:

weather, erosion, abrasion, absorption, acid rain, aquifer, beach, bedrock, carbonation, caves, chemical weathering, mechanical weathering, physical weathering, condensation, continental divide, continental glacier, creeks, glacier, lakes, rivers, waves, wind, streams, gravel, decompose, decomposer, delta, deposition, drainage basin, evaporation, glacier movement, groundwater, humus, hydrolysis minerals, ice wedging, infiltration, land surface features, mass movement, natural bridges, organic material, oxidation, parent material, permeability, permeable, plucking, pores, precipitation, runoff, sediment, silt, sinkhole, soil, soil conservation, soil horizon, soil profile, subsoil, topsoil, stalactite, stalagmite, surface runoff, till, transpiration, valley glacier, water table, watershed, weather, wetlands, zone of aeration and zone of saturation.

Weathering and Erosion Vocabulary

  • weather
  • erosion
  • abrasion
  • absorption
  • acid rain
  • aquifer
  • beach
  • bedrock
  • carbonation
  • caves
  • chemical weathering
  • mechanical weathering
  • physical weathering
  • condensation
  • continental divide
  • continental glacier
  • creeks
  • glacier
  • lakes
  • rivers
  • waves
  • wind
  • streams
  • gravel
  • decompose
  • decomposer
  • delta
  • deposition
  • drainage basin
  • evaporation
  • glacier movement
  • groundwater
  • humus
  • hydrolysis minerals
  • ice wedging
  • infiltration
  • land surface features
  • mass movement
  • natural bridges
  • organic material
  • oxidation
  • parent material
  • permeability
  • permeable
  • plucking
  • pores
  • precipitation
  • runoff
  • sediment
  • silt
  • sinkhole
  • soil
  • soil conservation
  • soil horizon
  • soil profile
  • subsoil
  • topsoil
  • stalactite
  • stalagmite
  • surface runoff
  • till
  • transpiration
  • valley glacier
  • water table
  • watershed
  • weather
  • wetlands
  • zone of aeration
  • zone of saturation.

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