PE 4.1

Movement. The student demonstrates competency in fundamental movement patterns and proficiency in a few specialized movement forms. The student is expected to:

  • (1) demonstrate changes in speed during straight, curved, and zig zag pathways in dynamic situations;
    • (A) catch an object while traveling such as catch a football pass on the run;
    • (B) combine shapes, levels, pathways, and locomotor patterns smoothly into repeatable sequences;
    • (C) jump and land for height and distance using key elements for creating and absorbing force such as bending knees, swinging arms, and extending;
    • (D) perform sequences that include traveling, showing good body control combined with stationary balances on various body parts;
    • (E) demonstrate body control in jumping and landing such as land on feet, bend knees, and absorb force;
    • (F) transfer weight along and over equipment with good body control;
    • (G) create a movement sequence with a beginning, middle, and end;
    • (H) perform basic folk dance steps such as grapevine, schottische, and step-together-step;
    • (I) travel into and out of a rope turned by others without hesitating; and
    • (J) demonstrate key elements in manipulative skills such as volleying, hand dribble, foot dribble, punt, striking with body part, racquet, or bat.

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