PE 5.1

Movement. The student demonstrates competency in movement patterns and proficiency in a few specialized movement forms. The student is expected to:

  • (1) demonstrate appropriate use of levels in dynamic movement situations such as jumping high for a rebound and bending knees and lowering center of gravity when guarding an opponent;
    • (A) demonstrate smooth combinations of fundamental locomotor skills such as running and dodging and hop-step-jump;
    • (B) demonstrate attention to form, power, accuracy, and follow-through in performing movement skills;
    • (C) demonstrate controlled balance on a variety of objects such as balance board, stilts, scooters, and skates;
    • (D) demonstrate simple stunts that exhibit agility such as jumping challenges with proper landings;
    • (E) combine traveling and rolling with smooth transitions;
    • (F) combine weight transfer and balance on mats and equipment;
    • (G) demonstrate the ability to contrast a partner's movement;
    • (H) perform selected folk dances;
    • (I) jump a rope using various rhythms and foot patterns repeatedly;
    • (J) demonstrate competence in manipulative skills in dynamic situations such as overhand throw, catch, shooting, hand dribble, foot dribble, kick, and striking activities such as hitting a softball; and
    • (K) demonstrate combinations of locomotor and manipulative skills in complex and/or game-like situations such as pivoting and throwing, twisting and striking, and running and catching.

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