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5-Minute Class Timer With a Colored Block Theme

Teach Starter Publishing
5 mins | Grades: PK - 6

Get a handy 5-minute class timer to keep time during classroom games and help keep your class on track.

Set the Class Timer for 5 Minutes!

When you need to time those 5 minute activities in the classroom, it helps to have a handy timer that doesn’t require a complicated setup — while your students get more and more antsy in their seats. This video is just the thing! The Teach Starter teacher team created it to give teachers an easy option for timing activities in class.

All you have to do is hit play! The timer will count down 10 seconds, then tell students the 5 minutes have begun. Digital time will then count up on the screen from 0 minutes to 5 minutes.

Best of all? A set of 5 colorful blocks will appear on the screen to provide your students with a visual reference point. As each minute passes, another block will be colored in until all 5 blocks are full.

5-Minute Classroom Games to Help Fill Time

Do you have just 5 minutes that you need to fill up with an activity during the school day? Whether it’s a spare section of time at the end of the day before students head off to the bus, or the class finished an activity early, sometimes you need to pull out time fillers to keep the class from getting too rowdy.

Turn on the timer, and try any of these quick 5-minute classroom game ideas from our teacher team!

  1. Play Word Chain to give your students practice with both vocabulary and phonics skills. The premise is simple! You start off with one word, and the next person has to say a word that starts with the last letter of that word. For example, if the word is “math,” the next word could be “horse.” Go around the classroom with each student adding their own word to create a “chain.”
  2. Project a fun Hangman alternative game onto your whiteboard and play as a class. How many words can your students guess in just 5 minutes?
  3. Play I Spy with a geometry twist. Instead of hinting at the item they spy by sharing its color, students can share the shape of the item for classmates to guess.

More Class Timers for Teachers

Do you need more class timers to add to your teacher toolkit? Bookmark any of these for easy access!

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