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Cinderella Story Video

Teach Starter Publishing
4 mins | Grades: 1 - 2

Explore the story of Cinderella with your students using this animated fairy tale video perfect for younger learners.

How Does the Story of Cinderella End?

Cinderella lived with her wicked stepmother and her two stepsisters. She did all the housework and was never thanked. She slept in the basement, the only free room in the house. There was no bed, just a few ratty old blankets that Cinderella had to warm herself from the piercing cold floor.

Cinderella often thought about life outside her stepmother’s home. She dreamed of running out the front door and being free with the birds singing in the sunshine beaming in her face.

Poor Cinderella!

Introducing Teach Starter’s animated rendition of the much-loved story of Cinderella! The video presents this age-old tale through moving pictures accompanied by a modern-day, age-appropriate narration. This version uses the classic tale as inspiration, with a few adaptations thrown in to keep things interesting!

It’s important to note that this video does not contain the ending to the Cinderella story! This has been done purposefully to allow your students to make predictions about how the story might end, based on what has happened in the story so far.

(Spoiler: The video stops just as Cinderella is formulating a plan to attend the festival in the village without her stepmother finding out!)

Literature Activity Ideas for This Cinderella Video

How does Cinderella’s story end? This open-ended resource allows your students to explore multiple possibilities for Cinderella’s happy ending (it is a fairy tale, after all)! Here are some suggestions as to how you might like to do this with your students:

  1. Writing Activity – Encourage students to brainstorm and write their own alternate endings to the story. Will Cinderella manage to attend the festival without getting caught? Will she ever achieve the freedom from her stepmother that she so desires?
  2. Drama Activity – Have students work in groups to write and perform a scene that depicts the ending of the story. Encourage the use of simple props and costumes to enhance the presentation.
  3. Hot Seat Activity – Have students take turns playing Cinderella in a game of Hot Seat. By answering their classmates’ questions, the students can share their predictions for how Cinderella’s story will end!

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