5 Quick and Easy Maths Tricks for Kids

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  • Bev Rintala

    These are great! I just showed a couple to my 11 year-old who doesn't love maths, and she's excited to try them out at school tomorrow!

    • Janeen

      Hi Bev It's our pleasure to provide you with resources like this! Hope the tricks work well for your 11 year-old. Cheers Janeen

  • Robyn Rodwell

    I showed the video to the extension Numeracy Group (Year 4) today and they were impressed and amazed by the 4 strategies. I played it several times. On the third time I paused after each strategy and asked the students to create one of their own examples. They were highly engaged and learnt 4 new and smart strategies and I gained a superb new resource. Thankyou

    • Holly (Teach Starter)

      You're most welcome Robyn! Thank you so much for your comment. It is so nice to hear that this video and blog article has been helpful for you and your Year 4's! Best wishes, Holly

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