What Is a Bar Model? How to Use This Maths Problem-Solving Method in Your Classroom

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  • Karen O'Shea

    One of them was literally The Singapore Bar Model and I can’t remember the other. I’ve moved schools in between time and left the books at my previous school.?

    • Holly (Teach Starter)

      Thanks for your comment Karen. We hope this blog was helpful.

  • Karen O'Shea

    I'm so pleased to see this on Teach Starter. I have been 'fiddling' around with this strategy for a couple of years now. We have recently bought some books to help us finally do this a bit better.

    • Bronwyn

      Hi, Karen! Thanks for your positive comment. It's a really interesting strategy and it's just starting to pick up popularity. I'd love to hear which books you've bought!

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