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Advanced Angles Factsheet

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Teach your students about angles and their properties with with this easy reference fact sheet.

Extend Your Students with Advanced Angles

Have your students already mastered the standard angles taught in the primary school maths curriculum?

Let’s face it… once your students can name and classify acute, obtuse, right, straight, reflex and revolution angles, there’s little point in repeated lessons involving these same angle types. Why not allow them to dip their toes in the high-school maths curriculum by exploring some more complex angles?

This handy fact sheet has been designed to introduce a collection of more complex angle types to your upper primary students. The fact sheet includes an explanation of each angle type, along with a visual representation to help students connect the description with a real example. The fact sheet includes the following angle types:

  • Straight angles
  • Angles at a point
  • Angle sum of a triangle
  • Angle sum of a quadrilateral
  • Corresponding angles
  • Alternate angles
  • Co-interior angles
  • Vertically opposite angles

Sustainably Print This Advanced Angles Fact Sheet

This fact sheet can be downloaded as a full-colour, low-colour or black-and-white PDF. Please use the dropdown menu next to the Download button to select your preferred option.

For sustainability purposes, please consider printing this resource two to a page.

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