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Identifying Short Vowel Sounds Interactive PowerPoint

Teach Starter Publishing
PDF, PowerPoint | 1 page | Years: P - 1

An interactive quiz to practise identifying short vowel sounds in words.

Use this interactive PowerPoint with students who are at the beginning of their journey as readers. This bright, engaging phonics resource has been designed to explore students’ understanding of letter-sound relationships. The added bonus of this fantastic PowerPoint is that it includes audio!

The PowerPoint can be used with or without sound. Students are presented with a picture and three different short vowel sound options. If wanting to use the audio, students click on the sound button to hear the name of the object depicted. They focus on the vowel phoneme they can hear in that word, and then hover over the vowel sound options on the right. Students then click on the grapheme that matches the vowel sound in the word.

If students use the PowerPoint without the audio, they must first say the name of the object illustrated, before clicking on the matching grapheme. All objects are single-syllable words and a list of the objects included on the slides has been provided.

The focus of this activity is on listening to the sounds – as this is the essential first step in the process of learning to read.

Short Vowel Sound Practice for Kids

Have you found that kids confuse some short vowel sounds more easily than others? We’ve taken this into account and organised the slides into two sets:

  • short ‘e’, ‘a’ and ‘i’
  • short ‘a’, ‘u’ and ‘o’.

Do you teach students who have been reading for some time, yet continue to have reading difficulties? Do your students confuse vowel sounds? This quiz provides students with lots of repetition of the vowel sounds that can be difficult to differentiate.

Help your students develop their sound-symbol knowledge by using the PowerPoint as a whole class/small group or individual activity.

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  • Deborah Da Fre

    Any chance of a state font and/or editable version? It would be handy to have the correct letters depicting the vowel sounds. Thanks.

    • Michelle Green

      Hi Deborah Thank you so much for your comment! We appreciate any feedback that helps make our resources even better! So we can keep all of our suggestions together, please submit a change suggestion to this resource using the Changes & Updates tab above the comments section. Thanks again!

  • Linda Natale

    Hi, is it possible for this resource to be made as a Google Slide? When I add this to my drive and open with slides, it does not play the sound. While remote teaching, I am using Google Classroom and would really like to use all these powerpoint resources but can't as a lot of the features don't work in slides. Thanks

    • Trish (Teach Starter)

      Hi Linda, thanks for getting in touch. We'd love to make these available in Google Slides, however that platform is currently very limited in the animations etc. (sound included!) that can be added, and would make the interactivity side of our interactive PowerPoints obsolete! We're continuing to look into ways to make it work but have yet to find anything. We'll be shouting it from the rooftops once we do, however!

  • Joz Leschi

    This is really good. Could you make one for long vowels (such as ee, ea, e_e...) Thanks!

    • Trish (Teach Starter)

      Hi Joz, to be notified if this is made, can I get you to add this as a suggestion at teachstarter.com/suggest-a-resource/, please?