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Individual 3D Objects Posters - BW

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PDF | 1 page | Years: F - 7

3D objects and their names, diagrams and properties on individual posters.

Print these posters out and laminate them. Put them up somewhere in your classroom that is visually accessible for your students.

The posters show the picture, name and properties for a Cube, Sphere, Cone, Cylinder, Rectangular Prism, Triangular Prism, Triangular Based Pyramid and Square Based Pyramid.


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  • Jennifer Cunningham

    Hi, I've just read a blog about the cone and cylinder debate dated back to July 2020. Boy oh boy do we like to make things much harder for our kids when we as adults have a difference of opinion on whether the cone and cylinder have faces or surfaces. I do want to ask about edges and wonder why on the cone and cylinder you don't list edges?

    • Trish (Teach Starter)

      Hi Jennifer! This is because we are using the understanding that the middle part of a cone and cylinder is a surface, and not a face. Because the definition of an edge is where two faces meet, and cones only have one face they can't have an edge, and the faces of a cylinder don't meet so, therefore, cannot have an edge either. I hope this helps!

  • Kate Z

    Thank you for another great resource! I'm just wondering whether the correct title on the poster should be '3D Objects' rather than '3D Shapes'? The file name says 'objects' but the poster says 'shapes'. :)

    • ·

      Hi Kate, Thank you for your message. I have update the resource to "3D Objects". Please feel free to download it now! Kind regards, Scott