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Literary Mood – Teaching Presentation

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    Years:  5 - 6

An editable PowerPoint presentation to use when teaching mood.

Use this teaching presentation to teach your students about mood in literature.

What is mood?

In literature, mood is a device authors use to create a certain atmosphere in the text. They do this by selecting specific vocabulary to describe the setting, characters and plot .

Why is mood important?

Mood is how a story makes the reader feel. If the author wants the reader to feel a certain way (happy, sad, nervous, excited, scared), then they have to create this in the text by choosing vocabulary that will evoke these particular emotions.

Exploring mood using text and multimedia

This PowerPoint includes both written texts and video clips for students to analyse for mood. It also includes a link to a worksheet, allowing your students to put their learning into action!

This resource was created by Jennifer Hall, a Teach Starter Collaborator.


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  • Rebecca Riley

    Sorry, edit: I absolutely..love.. that Teachstarter has made a resource in this teaching style.

    • Bronwyn

      Thanks for your fantastic feedback, Rebecca!

  • Rebecca Riley

    I absolutely that Teachstarter has made a powerpoint in this teaching style. This is how me and my teaching partner teach: using a powerpoint, video hooks and turn and talk. I am disappointed that I don't think I'll use it though, as the Scary Mary video link is too scary for my year 4 students. Keep these types of resources coming though. Thanks kindly :)

    • Bronwyn

      Thanks so much, Rebecca! Yes, this resource is targeted at slightly older children, but we are continually creating new and exciting powerpoints so your feedback is excellent! Thank you.