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Measuring Length with Dinosaur Footprints Worksheet

Teach Starter Publishing
PDF | 4 pages | Years: 1 - 2

A worksheet to use when exploring and measuring length with informal units.

Use this activity and worksheet when introducing students to the concept of measuring length using informal units. Students use the dinosaur footprints provided in the resource to measure the length of various objects around the classroom.

How to Measure Length with Informal Units

  • Distribute a pair of dinosaur footprints to each student. Allow them time to cut out each footprint.
  • Provide a copy of the accompanying worksheet. Read through the task instructions as a class and answer any questions the students may have.
  • Model how to measure an object using and counting the number of dinosaur feet. Reinforce the need to measure in the same direction and use the same sized dinosaur foot each time.
  • Monitor and support the students as they use their dinosaur feet to measure the length of objects or spaces around the classroom. They can complete the task individually, in pairs (using one person’s dinosaur footprints), in small groups according to footprint size (students with the same-sized footprints work together), or work area ( work with one object/space at a time and rotate).
  • When the measurements are completed, allow them to find classmates who had longer/shorter/similar footprints and copy these results onto their worksheet.
  • Gather the class together and share measurements. Draw attention to the range of measurements for each object or space and link this back to the different dinosaur footprint sizes.

This is a great length measurement activity for teachers and students in Years 1 and Year 2. It can be used by one student or many, as part of a lesson or unit on measuring length, or as a fun way to engage more children in mathematics.

An additional blank recording sheet has also been included to allow students to measure more objects or spaces of their own choice.


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