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Investigate food and fibre production and food technologies used in modern and traditional societies


  • exploring tools, equipment and procedures to improve plant and animal production, for example when growing vegetables in the school garden and producing plant and animal environments such as a greenhouse, animal housing, safe bird shelters (Skills: Literacy, Critical and Creative Thinking)
  • identifying the areas in Australia and Asia where major food or fibre plants and animals are grown or bred, for example the wheat and sheep belts, areas where sugar cane or rice are grown, northern Australia’s beef industry, plantation and native forest areas (Skills: Literacy, Numeracy, Critical and Creative Thinking, Intercultural Understanding)
  • describing ideal conditions for successful plant and animal production including how climate and soils affect production and availability of foods, for example Aboriginal seasons and food availability (Skills: Literacy, Numeracy, Critical and Creative Thinking)
  • recognising the benefits food technologies provide for health and food safety and ensuring that a wide variety of food is available and can be prepared for healthy eating (Skills: Literacy, Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Capability, Critical and Creative Thinking)
  • investigating the labels on food products to determine how the information provided contributes to healthy eating, for example ingredients and nutrition panels (Skills: Literacy, Numeracy, Critical and Creative Thinking)

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