19 Clever Classroom Storage Ideas for the Busy Teacher


Written by Natalie

If you’ve ever wondered why classroom storage is so hard to come by, you’ve stumbled upon one of the great mysteries of the world. The folks who design schools don’t exactly seem to spend any time in them, do they?

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Of course, that leaves it to teachers to come up with classroom storage ideas and storage hacks that will make the best use of the learning space without cutting into the much-needed … well … learning space!

To save you the much-needed time you need to devote to educating your students, here are a few simple, cheap, and clever things that you could implement in your classroom today — all while reaping the benefits of a more organized classroom.

Classroom Storage Ideas and Hacks

Headphone Hub

Using a hanging shoe organizer allows each headphone to have its own personal spot, so you can say goodbye to tangled cords. Thanks to teacher Katie Keegan (@mskeeganandco) for this idea. 

Headphone storage solution for the classroom

Art Supply Storage

Shoe organizers aren’t just good for headphones! They’re perfect for storing art supplies, especially when you find the organizers with clear pockets so your kiddos can see through to spot the exact item they need. Bonus? You can store all of your markers upside down in a shoe organizer, so they don’t dry out as quickly. 

Tray Labels

Yes, we know it’s basic. But while many teachers are already using tray labels to let students know how to find things, we sometimes forget that labels help US too! 

Decorate boxes, trays, filing cabinets, rolling carts … whatever can be labeled SHOULD be labeled so you can use that big ol’ teacher brain for the important stuff — teaching your kids! Grab labels for dozens of classroom themes, here

Flexible Seating Storage

If you love rocker chairs, you’ve probably already realized their benefits … and their challenges when it comes to classroom storage. 

By using some bag hooks, Mrs. F from @perfectlypolkadot realized the students can be responsible for putting the chairs back after using them!

Flexible seating storage solution for the classroom

Classroom Games Storage Solution – BINGO!

One of our very clever Instagram teachers shared this a while back, and we were hooked! She used colorful folders to store all of her Teach Starter BINGO cards and made them easily accessible by storing them in this dish drying rack. You can also use an old CD rack (remember those)?

Classroom storage solution for teaching resources

Clipboard Storage

You know by now that clipboards just do not stack — at least not easily. So grab another dish rack, and you’ve got the perfect classroom storage solution for your clipboards! 

Technology Storage Solutions

This is an oldie, but we’re filing it under goodie. Purchase a bamboo wooden dish rack, and your classroom laptops and tablets fit beautifully between each set of pegs!  @theclassroomflow shared this tip with us.

iPad and Laptop Storage Solution for the classroom

Anchor Chart Storage

Anchor charts are huge (and we’re huge fans), and they’re easy to roll up … but what the heck do you do with them after that? Grab a hamper, and stand them up inside. Easy. Peasy. Lemon. Squeezey!

Small Containers for Counters

This not only is a great way to store your counters, but it also saves a lot of time! If students need counters for individual or small group work, they grab a container, and off they go. No more having to stop what you are doing to pour out counters for students each time they need it. You and your students are able to go grab a container any time you need them! It’s a win-win!

@teachingwithmissvandijk grabbed these containers from her local dollar store.

How to easily store counters in the classroom

Dishwasher Pod Boxes

It’s getting harder and harder to find dishwashing detergent as more companies move to pods, but those boxes shouldn’t be chucked in the trash! They make for perfect storage for markers, pencils, or even all those math manipulatives. Best of all, with the flip-top lids, you can close them up and carefully store them in your classroom closet without worrying that you’ll lose small pieces. 

Wooden Storage Container for the Win

Another one of our fabulous Instagram followers got creative with wooden Aldi storage caddies.

She painted them these bright colors to brighten up her classroom. Best of all, they are perfect desk storage units for desk groups in the classroom. Or, why not use them for reading or math centers?

Classroom desk storage solution

Letter Tiles Storage Solution

Teacher @miss_bingham is using one of these mini toolboxes (found at your local craft or hardware store) to store our printable letter tiles resource.

No more shuffling through all the tiles to find the letters that you want to give to your students…

Letter tiles storage solution for the classroom

Task Card Storage

Do you ever have so many sets of task cards that they get all mixed up? Or worse, you forget you even have them?

This clever idea by @desireephilip2614 will solve that problem. She got the large carabiner from her local hardware store, but you can also order them online, and store each set of cards on individual binder rings to make them easier to find and get off!

(Psst … grab our 120 Comprehension Task Cards – all organized and ready to go!)

How to store task cards in the classroom

Hanging Resource Storage

Math games can get complicated to store, but @missmccloudsclassroom purchased this rod from her local dollar store and has used some hangers and clothespins to create this simple game storage solution!

We spot a Teach Starter resource, too!

Resource storage hacks for the classroom

Drink Bottle Trick

Water bottles are tricky. We want our kids to stay hydrated, but we don’t need all that condensation on students’ desks. Thanks to @educationlifeboat for sharing this awesome idea that solves it all — store those water bottles with a bottle rack made for bikes!

Drink bottle storage in the classroom hack

Paper Storage Solution

All of the beautiful colors! Do you have a lot of colored paper or cardstock that you use? Have you got a slight obsession with the different colors you can buy? Cough, cough, us too.

And because we get it, we have a storage solution for you; thanks to @teachingmondaythroughfriyay for this great photo of colored paper stored perfectly in a filing cabinet drawer and sorted by color. It’s a rainbow, and it’s so soothing. Paper storage in the classroom

Display Border Storage Solution

Raise your hand if you just roll their borders up and put a rubber band around them. We used to do that too, but it makes it tricky when it comes to unrolling them and using them again the next year. This teacher hack from @mrscessac5th is super simple — just use command hooks and binder clips in your classroom closet.

Display border storage hack

Classroom Cart Storage

We couldn’t write a classroom storage blog without featuring the famous IKEA utility cart! This cart can be used for so many things, but we love how @miss_jaysclassroom has added hooks to hers to help with the storage of task cards that you use regularly with your students.

Classroom trolley storage solution

Whiteboard Pen Storage Solution

We would be lost without our whiteboard markers. and @stylininsixth gets it. She found a container that will fit all of her beautiful markers and that can store them upside down (makes them last longer), added some magnetic backing, and poof — it’s a whiteboard pen storage solution that keeps the pens handy right where you need them!

Whiteboard pen storage for the classroom

And, that’s a wrap (for now).
If you have any super awesome #storagehacks make sure you tag @teachstarter_us in your Instagram photos so we can feature you in our next blog.

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