10 Creative Interactive Bulletin Board Ideas to Make Kids Think

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Why do you put up bulletin boards? Is it to add a little something pretty to your classroom or school hallway? There’s certainly value in that, but if you’re looking to hop on the interactive bulletin board train, there’s plenty of fun to be had there. 

What Is an Interactive Bulletin Board?

Maybe you’ve heard of them, maybe not. That’s OK. Interactive bulletin boards are designed to get kids up out of their seats and moving. They are meant to be seen and USED by students! 

Interactivity can run the gamut from flaps kids flip over to learn more information about a subject to inclusion of QR codes that students can scan with their tablets to dig into the story behind the story. 

How to Make an Interactive Bulletin Board Display - Coloring In

Transforming your classroom with an interactive bulletin board takes a little time and care, but it’s well worth the effort.

An interactive bulletin board display can:

  • Capture student interest about a particular teaching topic
  • Mentally challenge students
  • Help students practice skills related to their learning
  • Be used to help students calm down and refocus when they need a break from learning
  • Give students something fun to do while waiting on line

How to Make an Interactive Bulletin Board Display

There’s really only one rule you need to follow to create an interactive display — it needs to be accessible to your students! The level of interaction that your display allows is up to you, but it needs to have an element that can be changed or manipulated in order to encourage student involvement.

We’re making it easy with some interactive bulletin boards that will knock their socks off.

“I Wonder?” Wall

Engage your students at the beginning of a new unit of work by creating an “I Wonder…?” Wall!

How to Make an Interactive Bulletin Board Display

Create a space for your students to jot down their questions and thoughts as you introduce a new topic to your lessons. This can be used at the beginning of any unit and is a great way to encourage higher-order thinking and inquiry-based learning.

Here are just a few questioning resources, including the ones used in this display along with our Rainforests Classroom Theme Pack and Rainforest Teaching Resource Pack:

For more information on the power of asking questions in the classroom, read Holly’s blog 10 Simple Ways to Encourage Students to Ask Questions in Class.

Who Am I?

interactive bulletin board who am I QR codes

Tell your students to put their thinking caps on, and grab their tablets with this fun interactive bulletin board idea from teacher Jess Porter. A third and fourth-grade learning support teacher in Western Pennsylvania, Porter put this bulletin board together for Women’s History Month, but you can make it happen any time of the year — and make it match any lesson — with some QR code magic.

Check out these fun QR code resources for more ideas!

What Does It Cost?

Take the QR code idea, and apply it to financial literacy with QR Code Price Tags. Print photos of the item, post the code, and your students can start learning the values of their favorite cereals, cookies, and more.

Measuring Madness

The thing about teaching math is that there are so many concepts to cover in a year, you often teach something for a few weeks and then move on without a great chance to consolidate your students’ learning.

Putting together a manipulative wall such as our measuring madness wall can help draw your students into a topic, and then review and revise their understanding for weeks to come!

For this wall, we used a Measurement Classroom Decoration Pack and Units of Measurement Word Wall Vocabulary. Then, we just put as many random things on the wall as we could find!

How to Make an Interactive Bulletin Board Display - measurement madness

Why not provide the students with some rulers or tape measures to actually measure the objects? It would make a great station in any math rotation. Happy measuring, class!

Morning Brainstorm

Get your class’s brains fired up with a morning brainstorm wall! Just place a new ‘answer’ onto your brainstorm wall each morning. What the answer is, is up to you!

Your answers can be as simple as a number (The answer is 42…what’s the question?) or an answer specific to a unit of work you are doing. Your students’ brains will be buzzing with all the possibilities, and their questions may surprise you!

As your students come into the classroom each morning, give them the task of being a ‘brainstorm detective’! Ask them to read the answer and formulate a possible question. Once they’ve come up with a question, they can add their question to the morning brainstorm wall.

Interactive Classroom Display - Morning Brain Boost

For our Morning Brainstorm Wall, I’ve used the Detective Themed BannerLearning Detectives – Cut-Out Decorations, and Learning Detectives – Landscape Page Border.

Famous First Lines

Are your students novel-ready? Get them pumped for chapter books with this fun interactive bulletin board idea from teacher Stephanie Ryder. 

Set up the famous first lines of some classroom classics on your board, and make them flip up to see if they guessed right.

interactive bulletin board with the words famous first lines and lines from books

Giant Coloring Fun

Have you heard of mindful coloring?

Well, that can extend to your interactive classroom display!

How to Make an Interactive Bulletin Board Display - Color In

Placing a print out of our Giant Coloring Sheet onto your wall can create a station in your room where students can go when they need a bit of a mindful brain break, or calm down area.

The best thing is that you can also print out this resource on a single letter-size paper so each student can have their own copy!

Make a Nonsense Word

If your students are up for some nonsense-word fun, then this is the interactive classroom display for you!

Nonsense words are a great way to teach students about word decoding, syllables, and sounds.

To make this wall, simply print some word parts, place them in easily accessible envelopes, and let the fun begin! Students pull out and combine word parts to create some crazy, mixed-up words to read!

How to Make an Interactive Bulletin Board Display - Make a Nonsense Word

Depending on your students’ abilities, you can either print off whole word parts or single phonemes. I’ve chosen to use our Suffixes Puzzles Match Up Cards and Prefixes Puzzles Match Up Cards to create some easy word beginnings, middles, and endings. I also had a bit of fun with our Plain Red – Letter, Number and Punctuation Set and Stars Pattern – Letter, Number and Punctuation Set to create my title!

For an extra bit of learning, have your students add their nonsense word creations to a class list for the whole class to read!. They can also try to figure out how many letters, sounds, and syllables each nonsense word has.

Search-a-Rooney Wall

What on Earth is a search-a-rooney, you may be asking yourself!?

Well, it’s simple! A search-a-rooney is an amazing visual display that challenges students to use their powers of observation and deduction to find interesting items! If a student needs a moment to focus, send them to the search-a-rooney.

How to Make an Interactive Bulletin Board Display- Search a Rooney

You can create a search-a-rooney from anything you can attach to a wall!

  • Can you find 5 things beginning with the letter ‘p’?
  • How many crayons are on the display?
  • What are some things would you use outside?
  • Can you find the words ‘Find Me’?

You can even change the visual challenge to suit your lesson topic or theme for the term, so it can be as interchangeable as you want. I loved using the Bright Chevron Themed Display Banner to theme mine, but let your imagination run wild!

Count Down Calendar

This last interactive classroom display is sure to get your class excited!

Create a count down calendar to an event or occasion that your class is working towards! Looking forward to a celebration? Going on a field trip? Count down to the day with fun activities and resources linked to that occasion. Reveal a new surprise activity to your class each day.

I’ve put together an excitement-building count-down display for a class field trip to the planetarium using our Classroom Decoration Pack – Space Theme!

Interactive Classroom Display - Countdown Calendar

Then, I’ve simply put together my decorations with 10 envelopes with activities related to outer space!

Find these resources here:

Why stop at 10 days to countdown? The limit is up to you and your imagination.

We’d love to see your interactive bulletin board display!

Tag us @teachstarter_us to share your interactive wall inspiration!


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