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Classroom Jobs for Students: Fun Ways to Assign Roles in Your Class

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We all have those students who want to help with everything. But when it comes to assigning classroom jobs, it’s important to take your entire class list into consideration, not just those classroom helpers who are naturals at handing out worksheets or erasing the whiteboard. Whether you’re looking for classroom job ideas or you know exactly what you need help with but want a few tips on how to assign roles for students, you’ve come to the right place! 

Why Classroom Jobs Are Important

Classroom jobs are a boon for teachers — your students can help take the burden off you. But they’re also an important part of the learning experience for your students. Classroom jobs give your students buy-in on the learning process, helping them to feel like they’re a part of the classroom and empowering them to take on more responsibility. 

If we want to teach students to be accountable for themselves, their belongings, and their learning environment, we have to trust them with responsibility. Students feel capable when they have a sense of power and control over their learning environment and when they are making a contribution to the smooth running of their classroom.

Our job is to nurture self-worth and self-esteem by giving our students responsibility and providing them the opportunity to feel pride in their accomplishments. Read on to find out how to transform your classroom through trust.

How to Successfully Assign Classroom Jobs for Students

Advertise the Roles

Tell the students you have noticed that there are lots of jobs that need to be done in the classroom to keep it an organized, safe, and effective learning environment. Ask the students to think of other reasons why it is helpful to keep a tidy and organized classroom.

Draw out from your discussion that it helps us to look after our belongings, find the things that we need, and focus on our learning.

List of Classroom Jobs

Make a class list of classroom jobs that need to be completed. It is a good idea to think of enough jobs to assign one duty per student. Your job list will be unique and vary over the years, but here are a few of my favorites:

  • Librarian
  • Messenger
  • Calendar Helper
  • Chair Monitor
  • Equipment Helper
  • Line Leader and/or Caboose
  • Bag Monitor
  • Technology Helper
  • Teacher’s Assistant

Check out our classroom job lanyards for more ideas of jobs for students!

Job Applications

I love the idea of asking your students to apply for classroom jobs because it ups the ante of accountability.

Download the Classroom Job Application Template, and see the job applications fly in. The key thing to focus on during this step is the students’ understanding and appreciation of why each job is important and what valuable skills they will be demonstrating while completing them.

Assign Classroom Helpers

Before you announce the jobs in your classroom, hold a formal class meeting to describe each job and reinforce the values of responsibility, accountability, and trust.

Remember to explain to your class that you will do your best to match their first or second job choice.  However, in cases where this isn’t possible, the jobs will be assigned on a rotational basis and they are sure to do their preferred job soon!

Make Students Accountable

Choose from these colorful Classroom Jobs Teaching Resources Collection to create a display that is sure to keep your students on their toes.

Performance Reviews

Hold regular performance reviews sooner rather than later. Observe your students closely, and praise them for doing their job well. If a student is struggling to perform their job well, ask them if they need support and offer guidance.

Teaching responsibility and trusting our students with classroom jobs is all part of our leadership role as a teacher. I can guarantee that if you successfully implement a classroom job system, you will not only reduce your workload but also experience an almost instant shift in the classroom atmosphere, as your students rise to the challenge and enjoy a feeling of importance.

If you haven’t already set up a classroom job system, it’s time to get on board. If you already have one but it’s not effective, try a reboot and a refresh.

Sometimes, a relaunch is all that is needed. If you have an amazingly effective system, share it with us! Go forth and delegate!


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