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3D Shapes Scavenger Hunt - Worksheet

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Google Slide, PDF | 1 page | Grades: K

Discover three-dimensional shapes in the real world with a scavenger hunt.

What Are Real-World Examples of 3D Shapes?

Look around the room you are currently sitting in. It is safe to say that you are likely surrounded by 3D shapes! 

Our youngest students first learn about the concept of a three-dimensional shape through their interactions with everyday environments. The gift they received for their birthday is packed in a cube-shaped box; the party hat they place on their head is a cone; the candles on top of their birthday cake are cylinders!

While this informal knowledge is a vital stepping stone in becoming more familiar with the concept of a 3D shape, there comes a point where students must learn the mathematical names of these common shapes. 

Search for 3D Shapes in the Environment

This worksheet has been designed to support your students to recognize and name familiar three-dimensional shapes in the environment.

Students are required to find a 3D shape in the environment that matches those listed on the worksheet. They must draw a picture of the object and write its name. The three-dimensional shapes that feature on the worksheet are:

  • Cylinder
  • Pyramid
  • Sphere
  • Cube
  • Cone

More Ways to Use This 3D Shapes Activity

This resource looks deceptively simple at first glance… but why not shake things up a little?

Add a time limit that the students must adhere to when searching for each 3D shape. Points could be awarded every time a 3D shape is found before the time elapses!

Alternatively, why not make the scavenger hunt a team challenge? Students could take turns finding each 3D shape. The first team to find all five shapes within their immediate environment and record them on the worksheet is the winner!

Download This 3D Shape Worksheet

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This resource was created by Kaylyn Chupp, a teacher in Florida and a Teach Starter collaborator.

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