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Common Spelling Rules PowerPoint

Teach Starter Publishing
PowerPoint, PDF | 60 pages | Grades: 2 - 6

A 60 slide editable PowerPoint to use in the classroom when learning spelling rules.

Use this teaching resource when learning about spelling rules.

This teaching presentation covers the following common spelling rules:

  • Soft ‘c’
  • Soft ‘g’
  • Magic ‘e’
  • Words Ending in ‘ay’
  • ‘q’ is Followed by ‘u’
  • Adding ‘-ing’ to Words Ending in Silent ‘e’
  • Adding ‘-ed’ and ‘-ing’ to CVC Words
  • Adding Suffixes to Words Ending in ‘y’
  • Adding ‘al-‘ as a Prefix
  • Plurals – Words Ending in ‘y’
  • Plurals – Words Ending in ‘s’, ‘x’, ‘z’, ‘sh’ and ‘ch’
  • /j/ Sound
  • ‘gh’ Letter Combination
  • Silent Letters

Additional slides can be added at the end of the PowerPoint presentation for you to incorporate other spelling rules.



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