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Cursive Handwriting Posters

Teach Starter Publishing
PDF | 13 pages | Grades: 3 - 5

Display this set of 26 posters with upper and lowercase cursive letters and directional markings to help students easily write the cursive alphabet.

✍️ Integrate Upper and Lowercase Cursive Letters in Your Lessons

With the advancement of technology, the world expected cursive to get left behind, a dying artform replaced by typing and texting. 

However, research suggests cursive handwriting stimulates fine motor skills while improving students’ reading and writing abilities! Cursive also helps students overcome the challenges of dyslexia. (Time)

Each poster in this set includes directional markings showing the proper stroke order needed to form each capital and lowercase letter. 

And because cursive letters can look dramatically different than the print script students are used to, each poster includes an accompanying graphic to help with cursive letter association.

🖍️ How to Make the Most of Your Cursive Alphabet Posters

In addition to classroom decoration and reference, check out these bonus ways to turn these posters into interactive tools that really make your lessons stick! 

  • Turn posters into coloring worksheets by selecting the black and white printing option. 
  • Slip ½ sheets into clear sleeves for students to trace with dry erase markers, following the directional markings.   
  • Provide posters as digital resources for virtual students.
  • Place copies in students’ homework folders for quick reference. 

Easily Prepare This Resource For Your Classroom

Please note that posters will print in PDF format. 

Use the dropdown menu on the Download button for additional printing options: full sheets and ½ sheets, as well as color or black and white. 

To maximize student engagement with the content:

  1. Print full sheet posters and display them in your classroom for students to reference when doing independent work.
  2. Slip posters into clear sleeves and use them in your guided groups for reference. 
  3. Slide each into clear sleeves and hang them on a ring as a reference tool for a learning center. 

Fill your classroom with more posters and interactive displays!

Spend more time lesson-doing and less time lesson-planning when you grab these activities and teaching resources too!  

Image of Cursive Practice - Letters

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A set of 6 sheets to practice writing letters in cursive.

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Just Joking! Cursive Joke Book Practice Worksheets

Trace 10 cringe-worthy jokes in cursive font and rewrite each joke independently in cursive on the lines.

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Image of Cursive License and Application

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Cursive License and Application

Get your students excited about mastering cursive writing by giving them a cursive license.

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