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Draw a Town with 2-D Shapes

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PDF | 11 pages | Grades: 3 - 4

An interactive and evolving resource where students draw 2-D shapes incrementally to create a town map and 3-D figures.

This multi-faceted teaching resource allows students to demonstrate their ability to draw 2-D shapes, interpret simple grid maps, and make models of 3-D figures.

Draw 2-D Shapes

Students reveal the instruction cards in order, one at a time. Each card will give written instructions telling the students what type of shape to draw. A visual example is also provided, which can help with the sizing and placement of the shapes. The shapes needed to be drawn to complete the templates include squares, triangles, circles, ovals, semicircles, octagons, and trapezoids.

Interpret Simple Grid Maps

The Town Map cards have coordinates indicating where elements are to be drawn on the map. Students interpret the coordinates, locate the correct position, and draw the 2-D shape. The Town Features template includes some sections that are not numbered. Students must use problem-solving skills to determine the correct location to draw the current shape.

Make 3-D Figures

Once students complete the Town Features template, they can use this page to create multiple 3-D figures. They follow the Origami Box Step-By-Step Instructions to create a model of a castle, well, and cart. These models can be placed on the Town Map.

Image of Origami Box Step-By-Step Instructions

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Origami Box Step-By-Step Instructions

A visual instruction page to use when creating an origami box.

Teach Starter Publishing1 pageGrades: 2 - 6


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