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Goods and Services Exit Tickets

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Google Slide, PDF | 1 page | Grades: K - 2

Assess your students’ abilities to differentiate between goods and services with a set of twenty exit tickets.

On the Hunt for Goods and Services Activities?

Are you looking for easy ways to assess students during your unit on Goods and Services? We’ve got exactly what you need to check for understanding quickly and easily.

We’ve created a grouping of twenty Goods and Services exit tickets to help you check for understanding daily. This resource provides quick knowledge checks that are age and developmentally appropriate for young learners. Students are shown multiple examples of goods and services on each exit ticket and must identify them correctly.

This resource is perfect for use as a formative assessment after each day of instruction.

Tips for Differentiation + Scaffolding 

A team of dedicated, experienced educators created this resource to support your Social Studies lessons.

If you have a mixture of above and below-level learners, check out these suggestions for keeping students on track with the concepts: 

🆘 Support Struggling Students

Assist students who need help understanding the concepts by 

  • Completing the activity as a whole group or in a small group session.
  • Provide students with an Economic concept anchor chart or reference sheet during the activity.

➕ Challenge Fast Finishers

  • Have students make an anchor chart or t-chart listing different goods and services they see in their community daily.
  • Provide students with supplemental activities from our Goods and Services collection.

Plan lessons for more topics with our Economics collection! 

Easily Prepare This Resource for Your Students

Use the Download button to download the PDF version of this resource.

We recommend printing one copy of the entire file, including an answer key, to use this resource. Then copy the exit ticket of your choice and cut them into fourths. Now your assessments are ready to go!

This resource was created by Lindsey Phillips, a teacher in Michigan and Teach Starter Collaborator. 

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